Olympic meeting with participation of Head of State

19 November 2019
Today, the NOC of Belarus discussed the preparation of athletes for the main start of the four years in Tokyo, as well as awarding the outstanding athletes of Belarus, who have finished their careers this year. 

In 2019, not all Belarusian athletes pleased the fans with their performances at the World Championships: only eight medals were won in Olympic disciplines with 65 licenses for the Olympics in Japan. Taking into account the enormous contribution of the state to the sports industry, of course, the result is expected! 

A unique training base for Olympic athletes has been created in Belarus. Pine forests, healing air, natural keys that feed the source of the Trostyanka River. Belarusian athletes live and train here. Staiki is the country's major sports base for the preparation of national teams, where all necessary conditions have been created. 

After the only Belarusian gold at the Olympics in Brazil, the attention to trampoline jumping has increased dramatically. And the responsibility has grown. The team has more than just trampolines at their disposal. There are cameras on the walls. Once the elements have been performed, the athletes approach the TV and immediately analyze their actions. The assistant will immediately report the jump amplitude and landing accuracy. 

The athletes in Belarus are cherished because their high achievements largely determine the prestige of the country. The President of the country and the National Olympic Committee once again reminded about it. This year Minsk successfully organized a continental holiday, the Second European Games, where our athletes had a second team place, but Tokyo Olympics is a different level of competition and different disciplines. 

А. Lukashenko believes it important to bring each athlete to the maximum result. The Belarusians have won 65 licenses in Tokyo, reports Minister Sergei Kovalchuk. But not all the teams were able to achieve results. Of course, there's still a chance to improve the license situation. The qualifying selection in 14 sports will continue in 2020, but if we sum up the interim results of the current year, the Belarusians won 66 medals at the World and European Championships, 24 of them in Olympic disciplines. 

At the meeting, Victor Lukashenko was elected the First Vice-President of the NOC.