New points of growth in relations of Belarus and Karelia discussed in Palace of Independence

13 December 2018

The delegation of this Russian region is visiting Minsk these days. The Belarusian leader met with the head of the republic today. Karelia is an important partner for Belarus in the North-West Federal District. The parties are ready to further increase the pace of trade and the implementation of business initiatives. Belarus offers Karelia supplies of equipment, food and cooperation in the agro-industrial complex. However, we are connected not only with economic, but also with friendly relations. This is a common achievement of the leaders, the regions, and, of course, the peoples. Nearly 25 thousand our compatriots live in Karelia, and despite the distance, do not lose contact with their homeland. Artur Parfenchikov’s father comes from Zhlobin. When nations are friends, both political and economic ties become stronger. We are relatives and have always found solutions on difficult, sometimes even sensitive issues. Both Belarusians and Russians do not need additional arguments to understand how important our Union is. The basis of it is the regional partnership. The plans for the next two years are to increase the joint trade turnover to hundreds of millions of dollars.

The trade and economic relations of Belarus and Karelia are gradually recovering in recent years from a noticeable decline in the beginning of the 2010s. In 2017 we reached the turnover of $ 21 million, but this is only a temporary indicator. Petrozavodsk buys tires, food, equipment, electrical equipment and much more in Belarus. Our country is primarily interested in ferrous metals, wood and other minerals. Our colleagues have supplied pipes for the BelNPP.