President of Belarus calls tax maneuver to be main issue at upcoming meeting with Vladimir Putin

14 December 2018

The President of Belarus has met today with representatives of the Russian media community as part of the press tour of journalists in Belarus. 

As expected, most of the questions concerned the Belarusian-Russian relations. The President stressed that the Russian Federation is a strategic partner for Belarus. However, unresolved issues remain. They will still be considered at the highest level.

The President calls the tax maneuver to be the main issue at the upcoming meeting with Vladimir Putin. It may be held before the New Year.

The Belarusian leader was asked not only about politics. The journalists were interested in how Belarus managed to make such a breakthrough in the IT industry: many of them were surprised by what they saw in the High-Tech Park. 

Watch the TV version of the meeting of the President with representatives of the Russian mass media on Belarus1 and Belarus 24 tonight at 21:00. Panorama will be aired at 20.30.