Ways to prevent distribution of drugs discussed at meeting with President

30 October 2019

The distribution of drugs inevitably leads to the punishment in court. This issue is constantly monitored by law enforcement agencies and the Head of the State personally. The systematic work allowed us to reverse the difficult situation that has developed in our country in recent decades. The key decision was the decree adopted at the end of 2014. The document helped to stop distribution of Spice and smoking mixtures, and criminal liability for drug offenses was tightened. This year amendments to the Criminal Code made it possible for the courts to have a more flexible approach to the punishment.

The main barrier for distribution of drugs must be the society itself. The formula is simple: no demand - no supply. Family should play a crucial role there. The President instructed to accumulate all opinions of officials, teachers, doctors. The specialists should share their experience. And the main goal of law enforcement agencies is to identify those who produce and distribute drugs. Following the meeting a comprehensive document will be prepared on further measures to counter the drugs.