Legendary actor Gerard Depardieu meets with Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko

23 July 2015

Gerard Depardieu did not expect that there are still political leaders as close to the land and agriculture as Alexander Lukashenko, who gave the actor a workshop in mowing. Meeting with the President, Gerard Depardieu couldn’t help admiring the beauty of Belarusian nature, the quality of the country’s roads and the people’s friendliness, comparing Belarus with Switzerland. Visiting a dairy farm, the actor expressed interest in Belarusian agriculture, considering a possibility of organising Belarusian foodstuff supplies to his restaurants.

Depardieu is visiting Minsk on business along with the producer of the forthcoming movie Normandie Niémen. The project, timed to the 70th anniversary of Victory, is planned to be worked on by Belarus, Russia and France.