Integration, economics and salaries discussed by President and Prime Minister

23 August 2019

The economic situation in the country, salaries, issues of integration associations and the development of cooperation with a number of states.  The President of Belarus discussed these topics at a meeting with the Prime Minister today.  An important topic of the meeting was the salaries of the Belarusians. Sergei Rumas recently returned fr om Kyrgyzstan, wh ere the Eurasian intergovernmental council was held.  Belarus will chair the  EEC next year. By the way, during the annual message, Alexander Lukashenko emphasized: the priority of the Belarusian chairmanship is to ensure that the EEC became a full-fledged economic union with equal conditions for all its participants. More than a month has passed since St. Petersburg meeting between Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin.  Then the heads of state were actually negotiating non-stop for two days. Now the resolution of pressing issues is up to governments.  This is a key task for the Prime Minister. As for the Belarusian economy, Alexander Lukashenko was interested in wage issues.  The President often reminds the government of an important task - to raise salaries for those categories on which our health and the future of our children depend.  These are people whose work is really worth a lot. On the whole, according to the Prime Minister, the average earnings are higher than expected. Sergey Rumas, Prime Minister of Belarus: “Today we have received figures on wages. They are growing. And the figure for July is Br1128.  This is slightly higher than the parameters planned by the government. And  it imposes additional obligations to find funds so that public sector salaries and pensions kept at the levels set - 80% and 40% of the average wage." Another topic of the meeting was logistics in trade with Georgia.