Head of state starts working visit to southern region with visit to children's regional hospital in Gomel

10 August 2018

Modernization of the medical institution was held on the instruction of Alexander Lukashenko and lasted 2.5 years. After reconstruction, the area of ​​the clinic tripled. Now, more than half a thousand patients can be accommodated here. The new complex united the entire pediatric service of Gomel. Diseases are diagnosed in children of any age in this hospital. Magnetic resonance and computed tomography are available here as well as the unique for the region examination methods. Annually more than 20 thousand children come here for medical help. Alexander Lukashenko inspected the new departments, talked to the patients of the clinic. The President drew special attention of the leadership of the Ministry of Health and the region on a prudent approach to the issues of staffing of medical facilities.

An endoscopic department and a department of pediatric orthopedics have been organized in the hospital in Gomel. Thanks to two modern integrated operating rooms, telemedicine becomes possible here: experts from other cities and even countries will be able to participate in the process on-line. A lot has been done, but Alexander Lukashenko considers it necessary to quickly equip the clinic with the necessary modern equipment.

During the working trip there is an opportunity to assess the social and economic development of the Gomel region as a whole. The President was interested in the progress of implementation of major projects and the results of the production sphere. Alexander Lukashenko visited the plant Gomselmash and studied the prospects for the development of the enterprise. In the next few years the enterprise shall improve the quality and produce new models of equipment faster. 

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