Detailed analysis of demographic situation in Belarus held at meeting with President

19 February 2019

A detailed analysis of the demographic situation in the country was carried out at a meeting with the President.

The population of Belarus is about 9.5 million people. And recently there has been a downward trend. The majority of countries in the world are facing the same problems. Natural population decline is also an acute problem in the European region. Exceptional measures have been taken to support families with children in our country, which are not found in other states. This includes concessional lending for large families, a family capital program and, of course, paid parental leave for parents with a child up to three years. In total, there are more than a dozen types of support. The requirement of the President is to focus on the most effective ones, without dissipating funds for inefficient projects.

Following the meeting, the President ordered to systematize all the developments and conduct an audit of benefits with participation of citizens, especially those who are affected by the measures taken. The Minister of Labor and Social Security, in turn, notes the importance of creating favorable conditions for those who are going to give birth to a child. The key factors are stable economy, housing and the financial situation. Irina Kostevich believes it is necessary to conduct the first IVF attempt for free.

The meeting also discussed the improvement of the family capital program, the provision of additional pension guarantees and other support options.