Belarus interested in building mutually respectful and good neighborly relations with European Union

26 November 2019
Belarus is interested in building mutually respectful relations with the European Union, and in particular with Stockholm and Helsinki. This was stated by Alexander Lukashenko. The Head of the State held a meeting with 2 Foreign Ministers of Sweden and Finland the day before. Belarus has a lot in common with the countries of the Northern Europe, it has a long history of trade relations and contacts in various fields. Alexander Lukashenko has invited Swedish and Finnish companies to implement various projects in the country. The current situation in the region and the world is pushing for a closer and mutually beneficial partnership.

Cooperation of Belarus with Russian regions was discussed at the Palace of Independence. Belarus offers Kaliningrad Region to expand contacts in the industrial sphere and construction.

This was stated at the meeting of Alexander Lukashenko with governor of Kaliningrad Region Anton Alikhanov. As the governor claims, there is a great interest in Belarusian building materials and the experience of our specialists. Strong friendships and firm historical ties allow us to count on more.

Belarus Kaliningrad Region have established strong economic relations. The turnover almost doubled last year. The Russians are interested in buying our electric buses. Belarus proposes to go further and organize the assembly of eco urban vehicles in the region. The Kaliningrad delegation visited Belkommunmash yesterday. Their stay will be followed by the visits of the dairy factory and industrial park.