Alexander Lukashenko meets with Mikhail Myasnikovich

27 February 2020
Initiatives of Minsk in the year of its presidency in the Eurasian Economic Union, removal of barriers to integration, real economic integration and Belarusian-Russian relations were discussed today at a meeting between the President and the Head of the Eurasian Economic Commission. Mikhail Myasnikovich. This appointment coincided with the year of presidency of Belarus in the Eurasian Economic Union. Accelerating the creation of common markets, common policies in industry, agriculture, energy and transport, as well as strengthening the supranational competence of the Eurasian Economic Commission are only part of the initiatives that Belarus will persistently promote in the year of its presidency. 

Belarus will offer its version of the Eurasian integration strategy until 2025. The Eurasian Economic Forum will be held in Minsk in May. Alexander Lukashenko believes that Minsk should offer a serious option without any reservations.  

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