Alexander Lukashenko meets with Uzbekistan's Senate Head

13 June 2018

The relations with Uzbekistan are increasingly vibrant, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said as he met with Speaker of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis Nigmatilla Yuldoshev. Alexander Lukashenko emphasized that the main achievements of Uzbekistan are in the economy. The relations between Belarus and Uzbekistan testify to the breakthrough of Uzbekistan on the international arena and in international relations, the President remarked. The head of state spoke in positive terms about the development of bilateral relations and fulfillment of plans. The leaders previously agreed that the sides should advance their cooperation before the presidents' meeting within the framework of the official visit. Nigmatilla Yuldoshev, in turn, stressed that people in Uzbekistan respect the Belarusian President very much and are happy for the country's achievements and its growing international authority. The legal framework of Belarus-Uzbekistan relations includes almost 60 agreements. The sides vigorously cooperate in the United Nations format, the OSCE and other international organizations. The bilateral cooperation is increasingly vibrant. In 2018, Belarus exported tractors and tractor units, car and tractor parts, sugar, chassis and engines, fiberboards, timber, specialized and agricultural vehicles, road construction equipment. Belarus' major exports were cotton yarn, dried fruit, cars, juices, etc. Twenty-three companies with Belarusian founders have been registered in Uzbekistan. Assembly plants for Belarusian equipment Amkodor-Agrotekhmash and UzBelAgromash were set up on the territory of Uzbekistan.

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