President Alexander Lukashenko calls for coordination of actions between countries participating in "The Belt and Road" initiative

26 April 2019

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko  took part in the Second Forum of International Cooperation "The Belt and Road". More than 5 years have passed since the proclamation by China of a single platform for cooperation. Belarus was one of the first to appreciate and support the idea of the leadership of the Middle Kingdom to create trans-national trade corridors. And today our country became the main European logistics center within the framework of the Chinese initiative.

Alexander Lukashenko today took part in a session at the highest level. In his speech, the President presented the proposals of the Belarusian side for the development of a global initiative and for deepening cooperation in the Eurasian space with an emphasis on creating an equal and transparent system international trade. The Belarusian leader urged to coordinate the actions of the countries participating in “The Belt and Road” initiative, in order to expand economic cooperation and remove the existing barriers.

Many politicians use this opportunity to conduct bilateral negotiations. Alexander Lukashenko held meeting with the top leadership of China and the presidents of Uzbekistan and Serbia. There are strong political relations with these countries. New areas of cooperation and promising projects will be discussed during the visit of Alexander Lukashenko to Serbia. It is expected that a number of other meetings will take within the Belt and the Road Forum with Alexander Lukashenko.