Alexander Lukashenko makes important composition decisions

5 December 2019
Igor Sergeenko became the head of the President Administration. He worked as the First Deputy Chairman of the KGB of Belarus with a rank of major general, prior to his appointment. Professor Olga Chupris, the doctor of judicial sciences, became the deputy head of the administration. She worked as vice-rector for academic work and educational innovations of BSU. Those who previously held these posts will focus on parliamentary activities. Natalya Kochanova will work in the Council of the Republic under the presidential quota, and Valery Mitskevich became a member of the 7th convocation. Mikhail Rusy, Anatoly Isachenko and Sergey Rachkov were appointed to the Council of the Republic under the presidential quota by Alexander Lukashenko. It is worth noting that there is nothing extraordinary in the personnel update. Rotation and continuity are characteristic of the personnel policy in the country.

To save that we have a task and deputies. Parliament is formed, but there is a lot of work ahead. And a lot depends on its organization. Alexander Lukashenko discussed these issues of parliamentarian organizations and its tasks at the meeting with Valery Mitskevich and Vladimir Andrieychenko today. The Belarusian leader asked to solve all the org-issues of the new convocation, depending on their experience. Election of the chairman of the House of Representatives remains to do. The candidacy will be determined by a secret ballot. The first decisions of the 7th convocation are to be taken tomorrow at its first meeting.