A. Lukashenko: Belarus needs to actively develop new fields in agricultural production

25 March 2019

It is necessary to actively develop new fields in agricultural production. This task was set by the President today, as he was visiting the farms of Shklov District. The head of state was informed about the socio-economic development of Mogilev Region and spring field works. Mass sowing has already begun. This year, farmers has a task to get at least 8.5m tons of grain. The President was informed in detail about the performance of Gazovik-Sipakovo enterprise. Over the past year, its indicators are among the best ones in Shklov District. They are engaged in the production of meat and dairy products and intend to expand these operations. The yield of rape is also impressive; last year it amounted to 38 c/ha.  The agricultural enterprise Gazovik-Sipakovo is a structural unit of Mogilevoblgaz, but the parent organization finances only long-term projects. Wages, fuel, fertilizers  are provided at the cost of its own revenues.