Alexander Lukashenko: New Parliament should become center of progressive lawmaking

5 December 2019
The key to successful development of the country is political stability and the coordinated work of all government branches.

Alexander Lukashenko met with parliamentarians of the 6th and 7th convocations of the National Assembly. The main areas of domestic and foreign policy are prescribed in the laws. The Belarusian leader called the Parliament recognizable and authoritative. Its activities contribute to strengthening the status of Minsk as a significant international platform, as well as promoting the national interests of Belarus. Lack of political differences and constructivism - are the basis of high results.

The topics at the meeting today were different - from the basic points of economic growth in Belarus, the development of social policy and raising the birth rate to aspects of foreign policy. The President also answered questions about the upcoming negotiations with Putin.

Work on a package of documents to deepen integration in the Union State is almost completed. Alexander Lukashenko made it clear that the issue of Belarusian sovereignty is beyond any discussions. Belarus is set up for constructive cooperation, but only on equal terms. The upcoming agenda is exclusively economic, in particular, issues on gas and oil have not been resolved. Until now, we do not have an agreement on the volume and prices. The "dirty oil" problem is still not resolved.

The President awarded the best parliamentarians of the VI convocation and advised the deputies of the new convocation to visit labor collectives more often. 

Parliamentarians called the meeting a good new tradition of sovereign Belarus, an opportunity to hear firsthand about the tasks of the state.

Igor Marzalyuk, deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus of VI and VII convocations: "That deputy is worthy, who is recognized in his region."

Oleg Rummo, member of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus of the VI and VII convocations: "The world is changing. We have new challenges, new goals and tasks. And my mission is to face those challenges. To do everything so that the parliament worked efficiently and harmoniously."

Oleg Gaydukevich, deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus of the VII convocation: "I think that every deputy should work to strengthen our independence and sovereignty and run a whole complex of actions in economics, security, strengthening the institution of power."