A. Lukashenko: Belarus to adopt advanced experience of Russia in education

15 February 2019

Belarus will adopt Russia's advanced experience in education, and it will also be used in the development of the national system for training prospective personnel. President Alexander Lukashenko announced this today at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This day is dedicated in Sochi to humanitarian cooperation between the two countries. The discussion is held at the base of the educational center Sirius. Training is conducted there in three directions at once - science, sport, art. Every month about eight hundred young talents come to the center. Children practice their sports skills at Olympic facilities, and the best teachers in the country work with future scientists. We are interested in such an experience given that our children's technology park will be created in Belarus. The heads of state examined the complex together, talked with its students - some of whom are talented guys fr om Belarus. By the way, schoolchildren and teachers of our country participated in the educational programs of the Sirius Center and in the programs of advanced training more than once. In February, two students, citizens of Belarus Ilya Pchelintsev and Andrei Chausov, participated in the first specialized accelerator workshop organized by Yandex and Sirius. The guys presented their designs to the leaders today. Afterwards, the heads of state held a working meeting with participation of ministers responsible for culture, education and sports, wh ere they identified promising niches for cooperation in these areas.

Following the meeting, the heads of state answered questions from journalists. Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin have had close contacts for three days. They discussed not only economic issues, but a broad agenda for union integration. Of course, most of this discussion took place behind closed doors and without cameras. Therefore, the leaders shared the details of the talks with journalists.