Tomorrow is day of elections to Council of Republic

6 November 2019
Local councils of deputies will vote for the candidates. 8 people will be chosen from each region and Minsk. Another 8, according to the Constitution, will be appointed by the President.
The main function of the Council of the Republic is to pass or reject draft laws adopted by members of the House of Representatives. It is their colleagues from the lower house of parliament, in close liaison with ministries, departments, international experts and scientists, who are writing new approaches to the legislative framework and making adjustments to the existing documents. The sixth convocation of the Council of the Republic for three years considered more than 250 draft laws, including new versions of the tax, housing and labor codes.
56 senators will be elected tomorrow by the regional councils of deputies. The full list of new senators will be known on November 12. They will take up their duties from December 6.