Foreign and domestic policy of Belarus form important block of President’s Address

21 April 2019

Another important block of the President’s Address is the internal and external policy. We have already noted that this year the main emphasis is placed on internal affairs - on the economy, the growth of human well-being, on its development. But this does not mean that we are not interested in what is happening outside Belarus. Nowadays, we all depend on one another to some extent.

The President is categorically against any undercover games with society. It is mature in our country, it realizes national interests and values primarily two qualities - honesty and justice. Hence the extremely sincere answer about the renewal of the Constitution and readiness to involve judges, experts, deputies and political parties in the work on the Basic Law.

Is Belarus ready for constitutional innovations? The President and experts believe that it is. The generation of sovereignty has grown and strengthened. The new parliamentary composition will generate ideas for the renewal of the Constitution. Elections will be held in the current year. The optimal time, according to the leader, is in the area of the symbolic date November 7. As for the presidential elections, they will be held in strict compliance with the law in 2020.

External priorities of Belarus are unchanged. The CIS and our Silk Road with China are a strong thread or artery connecting the continent. Belarus is worried about the new wave of trade wars and NATO weapons on our borders. Calmly and transparently for observers, we will conduct the Union Shield - 2019 exercise. 

The main subtext of the Address is deep awareness of our national unity. Different confessions, languages, political views and economic doctrines do not prevent us from being a single civil nation.