VI Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia opens in St. Petersburg

16 July 2019

Fr om youth policy to the development of tourism. The Sixth Forum of the Regions of Belarus and Russia opens in St. Petersburg today. President Alexander Lukashenko will take part in it. During three days, the participants will discuss dozens of issues that relate to industrial, scientific, cultural and business cooperation between the two countries.

By the number of participants, the Sixth Forum of the Regions of Belarus and Russia is especially large-scale. More than 600 hundred people from both countries arrived in St. Petersburg. These are parliamentarians, heads of various ministries and industrial enterprises, scientists and businessmen.

One of the key themes of the Sixth Forum is the deepening of the integration of the Union State. It will be a question of joint scientific, humanitarian and cultural projects. The Forum will host a meeting of business councils of Belarus and Russia. Participants will raise issues of equal access to the markets and government procurement of the two countries, technical regulation and access with joint projects to the markets of third countries. In particular, this applies to the Belarusian engineering products, wh ere there are many Russian components.

The main feature of the Sixth Forum of Regions is the active participation of young people in it. It is not by chance that the “launching”, or as they say, “zero” day of the forum is completely devoted to the work of the youngest delegates. Today the Council of the Youth Chamber at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia will be held in St. Petersburg. Industrial cooperation will be discussed in St. Petersburg and the creation of a Belarusian-Russian cluster. They will also discuss the participation of Belarus in the projects of the first Russian center of artificial intelligence, which will soon appear in the city on the Neva.

Last year contracts for 540 million dollars were signed. Judging by the number of participants, the sixth forum of the regions should become even more productive.