Countries of the Eurasian Union approve joint forecasts for agriculture development

9 August 2019

The countries of the Eurasian Economic Commonwealth  approved joint forecasts for the development of the agro-industrial complex and approved the balance of demand and supply for food. The decision was finally made today at the Council of the EEC in Kyrgyzstan. As the Minister of the Eurasian Economic Commission Alexander Subbotin stressed in an interview with our TV channel, for the first time such decisions were worked out in detail and promptly agreed by all the EEC Member States. The approaches are based on the principle of priority of mutual trade over foreign trade. A common policy in this area will help to reduce imports within the framework of the Commonwealth, to ensure food security of the countries of "five" and remove a number of barriers to the movement of goods across the internal borders of the EEC. 

The partners discuss the distribution of import customs duties between the budgets of the five countries, the implementation of digital projects within the EEC. The talks are held under the sign of the removal of obstacles to the internal market of the Commonwealth.