Collecting signatures for nomination of presidential candidates completed

21 August 2015

At 19:00 electoral commissions completed accepting signature sheets for nomination of presidential candidates.

The majority of initiative groups have declared that they have collected over 100 thousand signatures. Signature sheets will be checked by election commissions. The candidates who managed to collect over 100 thousand signatures will become candidates for the post of President of the country. According to recent reports, the initiative group of Alexander Lukashenko collected more than one million 700 thousand signatures.

The second highest number of signatures was collected by the initiative group of Sergey Haidukevich - a little over 140 thousand. Viktor Tereshchenko has collected 130 thousand signatures. The same number of autographs was given in support of Nicholai Ulakhovich. Tatiana Karatkevich has collected more than a hundred thousand signatures. Sergei Kalyakin and Anatoly Lebedko did not manage to reach the required number of signatures. Zhanna Romanovskaya has not voiced the number of collected signatures.