EAEU Summit held via video conference

24 May 2020
EAEC Summit held via video conference On Tuesday, Belarus, as the real Chair of the EAEU and the nominal host of the Supreme Council held a session that could become historic. But, alas, it didn't. The fact is that the summit was planned to adopt a five-year strategy for the development of our integration and common energy markets, on which Belarus, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan insisted. But the agreement was reached just in general. But in detail, there is no agreement between the allies. Russia does not want to give additional guarantees on oil and gas, although equality and year 2025 as a deadline are already prescribed in the basic documents, which are not implemented yet. Alas, but the positions of the allies converged only "as a whole". Although obviously without the political will of the leaders, a solution is unlikely to be found. At the same time, the leaders approved such issues as fair freight traffic, stability parameters for 2 years ahead, agreed tax regimes, and fair competition. The 10th issue on the agenda did not cause criticism either - to meet again at the end of the year in Minsk and try to hold the meeting face to face, without advanced gadgets. Technology is a useful and convenient thing. But a number of controversial issues, as all our integration experience shows, need to be resolved by the Presidents themselves.