Roberto Antonione: Chairmanship of Belarus in CEI in 2017 was effective and important

8 April 2019
The chairmanship of Belarus in the Central European Initiative in 2017 was effective, noticeable and important. This was announced in an exclusive interview  of the Secretary General of the CEI Roberto Antonione. The politician noted that cooperation with official Minsk is mutually beneficial.

Roberto Antonione, Secretary General of the Central European Initiative: “I regard the Belarusian chairmanship in the CEI as extremely positive. It was effective, noticeable and important. Belarus has done a great job. The activity of your country is marked in various areas of the CEI. Belarus perfectly manifests itself in the scientific field, especially in terms of innovation, in the field of culture and other areas.”

Roberto Antonione spoke about joint activities within the framework of the Central European Initiative, stressing that  Belarus is the key figure  among the representatives of the Eastern Partnership in the CEI.