Plenary session of 6th Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia continues

18 July 2019
All technical issues and contradictions in bilateral relations will be removed until December 8.

This initiative was announced today by the President of Belarus at a meeting with his Russian counterpart at the 6th Forum of the Regions in St. Petersburg. The proposal was made in the presence of  the key ministers of the two governments. As the Belarusian leader noted, people are waiting for specific decisions from the presidents and governments, and it is unacceptable to delay decisions.

The importance of agreements within the framework of the forum was repeatedly emphasized by the Russian allies. Belarus is the 4th trade and economic partner of Russia. The symbolic and pragmatic importance of the anniversary of integration was also emphasized by Vladimir Putin.

The regions of Belarus and Russia agreed to cooperate more closely in trade, economic, scientific and cultural spheres. Belarus is ready to increase exports of services and building materials to Leningrad Region. 

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