Parliament of VI convocation completes work

4 December 2019
The National Assembly has contacts with legislators in more than 80 countries. The final sessions of the House of Representatives and the Council of the Republic were held today.

300 draft laws were adopted. The authority of parliament on the international scale was strengthened, the OSCE PA session in Minsk, the friendship group with Britain and Belgium and the first visit to Switzerland were made. The parliament modernized the legislative framework for the influx of investment and business by providing a quick start and simplification of tax payments.

The budget 2020 was adopted by the VI convocation of the National Assembly. The bills have remained a legacy, and new inflows are also waited for.

Many deputies have already decided on a place for future work: in state bodies, the real sector and former pre-parliamentary fields. A third of the VI convocation will continue working with colleagues from the VII. The Council of the Republic closed the VI parliamentary marathon and open it again on Friday, December 6.