Final version of integration strategy to be discussed by EAEU leaders in autumn

19 May 2020
The life and economy of the Eurasian Five during and after the pandemic, the EAEU strategy for the next 5 years and international cooperation. This is the agenda of the today's summit of leaders of the union countries, which was held for the second time this year in the format of a video conference.

A road map has been developed for the next 5 years of integration. According to the document, the countries will further strengthen cooperation in health sector. It is also important to create an environment for the movement of goods and services and formation of common markets of energy, gas, oil and petroleum products.

Each party has expressed its position, and so far no decision has been taken, in particular, to form a price for natural gas transportation within the EAEU. The Union Strategy for the next 5 years was generally approved by all participants, but, nevertheless, the document will be sent for revision. The final policy is to be discussed by the leaders in person. The summit will be held in Minsk in autumn.