Minsk Dialogue brings together experts, diplomats and politicians from more than 60 countries

7 October 2019

One of the most important events in the international life of our country, Minsk Dialogue,  has started today.  This is a forum in which experts, politicians, diplomats together decide how to deal with the challenges and threats of modernity. Arms control, Donbas, lessons fr om the past and a view of a peaceful future. This is the leitmotif of this forum. "European Security: Stepping Back from the Brink" will be considered over three days by the leading experts, diplomats and officials from more than 60 countries. Turning Eastern Europe into an area of cooperation, not confrontation, is the ultimate goal of the Minsk Dialogue.  

More than 700 people have registered to participate in the negotiation platform. Our unique geographical location and the unique position of our multi-vector policy allow us to make a truly serious contribution to the European security system. 

The conflict in Donbas, the confrontation between Russia and the West, Syria.  Alas, the list of problems on the continent does not diminish. But this does not mean that there are no practical results from such forums.

Belarus is  a small country, but its voice on the world stage is loud and confident. For example, the idea of a big dialogue on the future of the security system, such as Helsinki 2, is well known. Belarus proclaimed the idea of cyberneutrality, as well as the idea of building an information belt of good neighborhood. In today's reality, information warfare is no less terrible. 

Minsk's image as a negotiating platform has grown considerably.

Of course, the Minsk Dialogue is not the only forum wh ere peace is spoken of. However, most often, alas, it is not the general security measures and rules of the game that are discussed there, but rather the search for allies and the creation of coalitions. This rule doesn't work in Minsk. Neutral position is the image of Minsk as a negotiating platform.