Leaders of EAEU states discuss integration strategy ending 2025

19 May 2020
Life and economy of the "Eurasian Five" during and after the pandemic, EAEU strategy for the next 5 years and international cooperation make part of the agenda of the today's summit of the leaders of the union countries, which is held for the second time this year in the format of a video conference. Last "virtual meeting" a month ago was dedicated to fighting COVID-19 and steps for recovery and development in the era of post-coronavirus. The topic is still relevant. That is why it is important to clearly define how the union will develop in the new environment. There is a plan for the next 5 years,  a "road map" of integration. According to the document, the countries will further strengthen cooperation in the health sector. In general, the proposals are in line with the priorities of Belarus' presidency in the association. This is the creation of an environment for the movement of goods and services. It is necessary to make timely decisions, to form common markets of energy, gas, oil and petroleum products.

The Union of Five strategy for the next 5 years also reflects new directions: development of green technologies, use of renewable energy sources, projects in science and education. Today, politicians will have to decide on a few more important issues, for example, how the EAEU transport market will develop, creating conditions for transparent cargo transportation. International partnership will also be discussed. The image of the EAEU is only improving every year, more and more states declare about cooperation.

Free trade zones with Vietnam, Iran, Serbia and Singapore have already been established. Negotiations are continuing with Egypt, Israel and India. Today, Cuba's application must be considered, the country is seeking to become an observer in the association. By the way, Uzbekistan has expressed a similar desire. Only Moldova has the official observer status so far.

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