Alexander Lukashenko: Confrontation between East and West reaches its limits

8 October 2019

Alexander Lukashenko stated that confrontation between East and West reached its limits at the international conference "European Security: Stepping back from the brink".

Moscow and Washington abolished the document on the elimination of medium and short-range missiles, the United States is planning to withdraw from the treaty. All this escalates the situation in European Region. Experts and politicians should find the way to resolve an extremely intense geo-political situation.

Conflict in Donbass: finding solution

Hundreds of foreign experts arrived at the conference in Minsk: politicians, diplomats,  heads of foundations and representatives of analytical centers. Alexander Lukashenko especially underlined the situation in Ukraine. Various political forces and even states try to take advantage of the war in the east of the country. The situation escalated after Volodymyr Zelensky adopted the "Steinmeier formula" - an addition to Minsk agreements. In fact, it is the first step in recent years towards peace. The nationalists and rivals of the President of Ukrainian launch propaganda attacks. The key thesis of Alexander Lukashenko speech is Ukraine can't be left alone with its misfortune.

Dialogue about the world

Another initiative of Minsk was about the Helsinki Process. NATO plans a major military exercise right on the border with Belarus. The conflict in Transnistria is frozen. There is a difficult situation in the former republics of Yugoslavia, the fragile peace has been established in Syria. And Minsk today provides an opportunity for a diplomatic dialogue on a variety of topics.

The conference "European Security: Stepping back from the brink" is divided into 6 plenary sessions and discussions from security strategies to the perspectives of Chinese Belt and Road Initiative.