Belarus and Serbia strengthen friendship

8 December 2019
The Belarusian help and support in 1999 is still remembered by the Serbians and their current president Alexander Vucic. Belarus and Serbia managed to build trusting relations, though the opposition attempted to undermine them.

The negotiations were held at the highest level. They were about openness to further cooperation. 

The countries and peoples have a lot in common - this is confirmed by history. Belarus, like Serbia, defends its national interests. Nevertheless, it is always open to equal dialogue with partners. Our country is a member of the Eurasian Economic Union. The Balkan state has an agreement on a free trade zone as well. Serbia is eager to become a member of the European Union. Belarus supports this in conjunction with cooperation with our state. 

The states develop multi-vector politics. Serbia cooperate with Russia, China, the UAE. All these countries are long-standing partners of Belarus.

About 100 Serbian companies operate in Belarus. Serbian investors have been building a lot in recent years in the Belarusian capital: houses, business centers. They together with investors from the Middle East will take up a unique project: building an international financial center in Minsk.

The opposition took part in negotiations as well. The majority of the representatives of the Serbian opposition came to listen to our President.

The conclusion of the talks is as follows: further cooperation in investments, trade, new projects and bilateral expansion in other fields.