Belarus and Serbia build relations on strong historic and spiritual background

9 June 2014

By Sergey Gusachenko: Joint interaction of two countries, joint projects and mutual help in emergency situations prove the friendly relations between our nations.

Serbia helps Belarusian activities at the Balkan market. The countries introduced a non-visa regime and a direct connection between two countries. In 4 years the trade turnover has grown 4-fold to reach almost 200m USD.

Gligorie Veselinovic, the head of the sector of international cooperation at the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection: The cooperation between our countries is especially successful in the agrarian sector, genetics, animal breeding. Agreements with the R&D institutes were signed. Serbia is also very interested in the Belarusian farming machines.

Difficult history of Serbia brought about the loss of industrial links, but now they are being restored as well. The assembly plant of Minsk Tractor Works opened in Novy Sad.

Gas buses and harvesting combines will soon be assembled as well.

Alexander Lukashenko visited Serbia 3 times and Tomislav Nikolic paid a visit to Minsk in March 2013.

Serbia highly appreciates its friendship with Belarus and is very thankful for its help during May floods.