Operational exercise of Belarus and Russia "Shield of the Union - 2019" coming to an end

18 September 2019

The operational exercise of Belarus and Russia "Shield of the Union - 2019" is about to finish at the training ground near Nizhny Novgorod. Today, the forces of the two countries repelled another attack of the  conventional enemy. Artillery, tanks, anti-aircraft and missile systems were in operation.

The exercise takes place every two years in the territory of two countries. The exercises are held in two stages. 12 thousand people and  950 combat vehicles, including more than 230 tanks, 240 artillery. 

The nature of this exercise is defensive. The main objective is to combat sabotage intelligence groups and illegal armed groups. According to the preliminary assessment, all tasks have been completed. 

The military also noted that the management system had shown a high degree of sustainability during the exercise.