Salaries of state employees, prices for basic necessities and -market development discussed at Independence Palace

26 May 2020
The President began this working week by discussing the urgent political and economic issues. The main thing is to feed people at affordable prices. And they (this has been emphasized by the Head of State on many occasions) should be strictly controlled. The Ministry of Antitrust Regulation and Trade remained the main auditor in this regard. Over a month ago, the antimonopoly authority demanded that all retail chains adjusted the value of socially important goods. That's about 30 positions. The list was expanded to include products that became most in demand during the pandemic, such as masks and antiseptics. Keeping prices under control and preventing their unreasonable growth is a strict demand of the Head of State. Food prices rose by just over 1% in April. Pork, bananas, grapes became cheaper, cucumber prices decreased by one third. MART expects to reach the planned 5% inflation. MART has also introduced a moratorium on higher prices for education, transport and communications services.