Today workers of radio and television celebrate their professional holiday

7 May 2014
Journalist's working day begins promptly at 6 am and ends as luck will have it. News does not choose time of the day. That is why the main task of every journalist to our channel is to be constantly on their toes.

Duty of a good reporter is to find synthesis of speed and quality. The host should be able to talk to the audience. The cameraman is responsible for the image on the screen. In fact, these postulates are the basis of any material. The main thing is that each of the links in this chain was constantly connected with the others.

You can not say that the modern journalist is exclusively concerned with the pursuit of sensations. This view is erroneous and, to some extent, insulting. For a professional it is important to find the information and pass it to the viewer. And no matter where that event took place.

Even though today is our professional holiday, all the journalists meet it the same way - at work. Even in this day news vacuum is impermissible. Yet, our team is a team of like-minded professionals who are ready at any moment to talk about the most important events in the country and the world.