Second airplane of Belavia and Wargaming arrives in Minsk

12 December 2018

A second airplane of Belavia and Wargaming arrived at the National Airport Minsk. The airline acquired the plane Embraer ERJ-195LR in 2014. The board landed at exactly 12:12 today, on December 12. In Russia it was painted in black and orange. The fuselage resembles the silhouette of a tank. A bison is in the center of the composition as one of the main symbols of Belarus.

The price for painting the aircraft is unknown, however, the leadership of Belavia notes that it will not cause raises in the ticket prices. On the contrary, the company will continue to smoothly reduce them. This year alone, prices have decreased by about 15%. Plus a regular flight to Chisinau was opened. Belarusian planes will start flying to Voronezh in a few days.

The plane in the new coloring will make its first flight with passengers on board to Baku. Tomorrow it will be preparing for a new trip to Brussels and Moscow.