Meetings of officials with students continue. What are the youth concerned about today?

13 June 2018

University students will be able to join the partner group and influence the national strategy for sustainable development until 2035.

Almost two million people or every fifth Belarusian are aged from 14 years to 31 years. Almost a third of them are students, which means future specialists in various fields. For example, in industry, one fifth of the total number of employees is young people.

But there are still farmers, teachers and managers. What does the future of the country think about, what does it strive for and what difficulties it faces? This was discussed today in several universities of the country.

Anna Kravchuk, student of the Academy of Management under the President of Belarus: "Belarus' accession to the Bologna process. That is, we entered into this Union quite late. How will our education system develop and whether it is necessary to get a bachelor's degree in Belarus and how it will affect in us".

Belarus is the 48th in the Bologna process. It is designed to unite all universities in Europe into a single system. And our country is making firm steps in this direction.

A good exchange of views contributes to the development of society. And it is useful for future managers, after all, these guys will become the nation's locomotive in 20 years.

Marianna Shchetkina, Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus, national coordinator for achieving the sustainable development goals: "First of all, you need to understand what you are doing, you need to think, you need to think. And of course you need to rebuild your consciousness on the same sustainable development: how to consume energy, how to deal with nature, how you can have an impact on what the whole society is working on today."

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