Preparations for Independence Day continuing in Belarus

30 May 2018

By Vladimir Koroliov: Traditionally, a large parade will take place in the Belarusian capital near the Minsk - Hero City Stele on 3 July when the country celebrates Independence Day. At the moment, the troops of the Minsk garrison are honing their skills at the airfield in Lipki. As announced, 23 units of military equipment will take part in the parade. The parade column is expected to be about 3 km long.

Traditionally, the mechanized column will be headed by the legendary T-34. Following them will be modern models that are in service in the Belarusian army today. These are powerful armored vehicles, anti-aircraft missile systems, artillery systems, and volley fire systems.

The average speed is 16-18 km/h. The time of passing of the military equipment is about 12-14 minutes. Yet the parade requires hours of training. For these rehearsals, the airfield in Lipki turns into a real test site.

On 23 and 28 June, the preparations will take place in the streets of Minsk.

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