Belarus volunteers to support China in fighting coronavirus

9 February 2020
The initial symptoms of coronavirus are similar to those of a cold: fever and cough, general malaise, possibly fever. Chest X-rays show that in some cases the disease affects the lungs. In severe cases, the infection causes pneumonia, kidney failure and death. Coronavirus kills a few dozen people every day. The official death toll is 811 and the number of those infected is 4,000. These numbers are increasing daily. 

Coronavirus infection is not a problem for China alone, but for the whole world. That is why by order of Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus is providing the Celestial Empire with the second humanitarian aid. 

On Wednesday, the military transport IL-76 landed in the Chinese capital with 20 tons of cargo. An aircraft designed for military and combat missions fights an invisible enemy carrying death. 

There is also an extensive list of disinfectants on board, antibacterial soaps, iodine and other medicines.