Exclusive commentary by Wilhelm Keitel

23 September 2018

A new collection of hits by the legendary Rammstein is recorded with participation of the Symphony Orchestra and the Academic Choir of Belteleradiocompany on the basis of the Radio House. Such cooperation became possible thanks to German impresario and conductor Wilhelm Keitel. The details of the joint project are kept secret, but we have an exclusive comment.

Wilhelm Keitel, pianist, conductor, impresario (Germany): "When the arranger of Rammstein called me and told me that the band wanted to record a new album with involvement of Belarusian orchestra, my first idea was to do it with the orchestra and choir of Belteleradiocompany. I cooperated with the collectives in the past and I am very well acquainted with the studio, with its potential, so it immediately became clear with whom and where we will be doing it. The biggest plus is that they are people with glowing eyes and are attentive to any project. There is no need to spend a lot of energy to make them play well and motivated. They are interested in what they are doing. They are highly professional in the way they play. Therefore, it is easy to come to the desired result."