Screening of stomach and lung cancer pilot project launches in Belarus next year

17 May 2018

Next year, Belarus launches a pilot project on screening of stomach and lung cancer. Medical checkup will be available before the onset of any symptoms. Thanks to screening, hundreds of Belarusians have already defeated colorectal oncology and breast cancer even before the disease reached the first stage.

Today, hundreds of doctors from the CIS, the US, and Europe will come to Minsk today to discuss the achievements and plans in the diagnosis of cancers.

Sergei Krasny, the deputy director of the N.N. Alexandrov National Scientific and Practical Centre for Oncology and Medical Radiology:

"As for the routine examination, especially if the disease runs in the family, any person can first go to their local hospital and have a checkup there. The checkup is entirely free, but if a patience wishes to have it quickly, then there is a fee."

Belarus was chosen by the National Cancer Institute of the United States as a platform for its projects in the CIS. The discussion about screening at the interstate level will continue today and tomorrow.

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