National Cancer Center uses gamma rays to neutralize tumors

17 October 2017

By Yuliya Grizunt: The National Cancer Center of Belarus has received two devices that allow to "neutralizing" tumors with the help of gamma rays. One of the devices helps to cope with the disease (up to a certain stage) in any part of the body, the other one is used to operate on the brain only.

A team of 5 people conducts the procedure. There are two nurses, a doctor and two engineers instead of surgeons. Such operation leaves no scars. Special lasers allow destroying the tumor in any part of the body.

Egor Titovich, the head of a department of the National Cancer Center: "This equipment is of a high class of danger, so for each movement and for each parameter there are two independent interlocks, thus the possibility of a mistake is eliminated completely."

Also, the rays allow targeting a very specific point in the human body, and radiation does not affect healthy tissues. The procedure is conducted up to 30 times for one person.

Pavel Demeshko, the head of a department of the National Cancer Center: "There are about 3,000 such devices in the world. Russia only has four. Such equipment is unique, and it was only developed quite recently. In Belarus, we have the latest modification of the device and experience shows that this treatment is effective."

This operation takes half a day. And during the most difficult part of it the patient is in his ward. After all, the device must first be programmed individually. In order to master the technology, the first operations were conducted together with doctors from the US and Europe. Today, Belarusian doctors are well-prepared to perform the procedure in their own, and about fifty patients have already had the procedure done.

Depending on the complexity of the patient’s condition, it takes from 40 minutes to 4 hours to conduct the procedure. One session is enough to cause irreversible changes in the tumor. Therefore, this procedure is carried out only once.

Local anesthesia is used on patients, and therefore immediately after the patient can go home. A follow-up examination is in a month. Nevertheless, patients can always make their own choice whether to undergo a traditional operation or the gamma rays treatment.

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