Seminar for teachers of francophone sections in schools held in Minsk

6 December 2019
It is organized in the capital every year with the support of the French Embassy. The main topic of the seminar in this academic season is Internet resources and their use in the study of the French language in bilingual sections. Teachers of schools and universities from France give master classes to our teachers, introduce them to new methods of teaching language aspects to children and share their own professional experience.

Amadin Beranger, expert methodologist at the Center for International Education of France: "What we are trying to do is teach how to use Internet resources as learning tools. In our opinion, this is a new way of interactive relations between a teacher and a student. They promote cooperation between students and creative thinking."

The second stage of the Francophone seminar - practical - will be held in the summer. Teachers from Belarus will be able to do internships in educational institutions in France.