International security issues discussed in Minsk

5 December 2019
Global security was discussed at the conference in Minsk. Chairman of the KGB Valery Vakulchik stated that building a reliable system only by state forces is impossible, and the business community should be involved. Global digitalization changes the world and modern threats. The security is globally attacked. An adequate response to challenges and threats is possible only on the basis of advanced scientific knowledge and technologies. The principal position of Belarus is in an integrated approach to resolving issues of building effective security. Our country has put forward a number of peacekeeping initiatives, and Minsk regularly becomes a platform for holding high-level international forums on various security issues. Belarus is consistently developing partnerships within the UN, CIS, CSTO, Union State, as well as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the OSCE.

Oleg Makarov, director of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies: “We see how countries are separated from each other and create cyber commands, cyber-military forces and other defense and offensive lines. The security issue is coming to forward. This issue should be quickly resolved because cyberspace develops at a high pace."

The international scientific-practical conference will continue its work tomorrow.