Elections to Council of Republic

7 November 2019

The main stage of the election campaign started in Belarus Thursday. Elections to the Council of the Republic were held throughout the country. The Upper Chamber of the Belarusian parliament is a kind of law-making filter on the way of the draft laws, since the legislative acts passed by the deputies of the House of Representatives are then discussed by the senators and only then are signed by the head of state. The country's main legislative body, the National Assembly, consists of two chambers (as in many countries, this is a common practice): the House of Representatives with 110 deputies elected by general vote (we will elect them on November 17), and the Council of the Republic, which includes 64 senators - 8 from each region and the city of Minsk. They are elected by secret ballot at the meetings of local Councils of Deputies, and 8 more are appointed by the President.

The Council of the Republic is the most important element in the Belarusian parliament. People come here with serious life and professional experience. As a rule, they have already earned authority and respect in society through their work and achievements.

Elections to the Council of the Republic were held in all regions of Belarus. The senators will begin their duties on December 6.

The Central Election Commission will summarize the results of the elections to the Council of the Republic on November 12. And on the same day, early voting on the election of deputies of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus will begin.