8 August 2017 21:30

Demarcation of borders with Ukraine continues in Belarus

By Victoria Potonya: Demarcation and strengthening of borders with Ukraine continues in Belarus. A new border post was established in the agro-town of Divin, Kobrin District. It protects a land area with of 23 km long. Earlier, border guards were serving in the field. Now, the necessary infrastructure has been created to protect the border, and it is now possible to get into the border area only with passport.

For a long time, smugglers had been operating in the area around Divin. Nine years ago, a mobile outpost appeared here. Today, it is a full-fledged subdivision of the Pinsk border detachment, where state borders are guarded with the help of modern technologies.

Today, the border post has a modern alarm system, which reacts to traffic, as well as video surveillance that works online both at daytime and at night, and in any weather. Border guards were also given a cargo vehicle of operational purpose, Volot. It was developed by Belarusian designers. The vehicle is highly maneuverable, with independent suspension and all-wheel drive. Also, a 16-apartment house was built for servicemen, and families are now preparing for a housewarming party.

On the site of the outpost, a volunteer squad of local residents was created, too. They are the "eyes" and "ears" of the border guards. Since the beginning of the year, the unit's employees have detained 47 offenders, including illegal migrants.

The modern outpost is a serious barrier to those violating the national borders. Experts point out that cases of smuggling in the border area decreased several times.