Law on personal data to help increase information security in Belarus

6 February 2018

A law on personal data will help increase information security in Belarus. At the moment, this document is being worked out by a group of experts from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the KGB, the Supreme Court, the Investigation Committee, the Ministry of Justice, and others.

In the context of globalization of information processes in international practice, unified approaches to the protection of personal data have been developed, and Belarus needs to adapt them taking into account the peculiarities of the national legal system.

Vadim Ipatov, the Director of the National Centre for Legislation and Legal Studies of Belarus: "As for the main provisions of the draft law, they were drafted taking into account international legal regulation. The practice of applying such a law already exists in the territory of the Council of Europe and CIS countries. We intend the law to encompass advanced measures taking into account the national interests of Belarus."

The adoption of the law, taking into account the common European approaches to the protection of personal data, will make it possible to remove obstacles to the development of business having to do with information technology. The document is expected to be submitted to the Parliament for consideration by the end of the year.

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