Soligorsk Republican Speleotherapy Hospital is unique institution in CIS

24 August 2013

Its uniqueness for patients lies in a rare combination of red and white salt, which has anti-bacterial and anti-allergic effects. Speleotherapy treatment is performed in the Starobin deposit of the potash salts formed 300 million years ago.

By Anastasia Bogomolova: Speleotherapy is one of the most effective non-drug methods of treatment and rehabilitation of patients with respiratory diseases. The general treatment period is 18 days; it includes 15 descents into the mine.

Natalia Dubovik, Deputy Chief Doctor of the Republican Speleotherapy Hospital: Therapy contraindications are exacerbation of chronic diseases and acute illnesses. There are also age restrictions because patients may have comorbidities; most often these are cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and heart rhythm disorders.

The Speleotherapy Hospital in Soligorsk is the only health care facility of the kind in Belarus. It has its own infrastructure, which contributes to the stable microclimate of the speleotherapy mine. Before reaching the patient, the air passes through a special labyrinth where it is cleaned up. It is 10 times cleaner than in an operating room.

The National Speleotherapy Hospital provides a comprehensive approach to health improvement. Apart from the salt mines, the hospital offers spa services, radio wave lifting and hydrotherapeutic procedures.