Pectoral cross of Scandinavian type found in Polotsk

27 March 2020
Almost 1 thousand artifacts were raised by archaeologists in Polotsk.
A rare Scandinavian-type pectoral cross was found in Polotsk on the territory of the Upper Castle. Archaeologists attributed it to the 10th century. A similar one, dating back to 960 AD, was discovered on the island of Gotland in Sweden. About a thousand artifacts have been found since December, due to construction work in the Upper Castle. Most of them are fragments of ceramics. Similar items were used as containers for the delivery of wine and olive oil from Byzantium in the 12-13th centuries. 
The cultural layer of the upper castle in Polotsk reaches 6 meters.

Igor Magalinsky, Associate Professor, Department of Social Communications, Polotsk State University: "One of the most powerful cultural layers has been preserved at the Upper Castle of Polotsk. The cultural in the eastern part of the castle is unique in its preservation of wood and any organic items."
The most valuable are the individual finds: non-ferrous metal products, objects of worship, details of the belt set, seals.