I Know Quiz Show to premiere on Belarus 1 on 7 October

1 October 2017

By Daria Tarasova: Belteleradiocompany joins in the congratulations on Teacher's Day and makes its own contribution to the education of the rising generation. Together with the Ministry of Education of Belarus, the General Production Centre of the country's largest media holding is ready to present a new intellectual quiz show – I Know.

The most intelligent children from the 5th to 11th grades from all regions of Belarus were invited to Minsk. Each participant is accompanied and supported by a teacher. All of them hope to win, because for them it is an opportunity to check and show their knowledge to the whole country. At the moment, the shooting of the first cycle of the quiz show is completed. Pupils of the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades took part in it.

These kids can easily recognize a Chopin, they know the type of current the Gulf Stream belong to, and they can solve any charade in a matter of seconds. They give incredibly creative answers to any – even the most ordinary – question. Many of them can even compete with the host of the show on an equal footing. For participants, this is not so much an intellectual show, but rather a real Olympiad.

The game complex was set up in the Palace of Sports in Minsk. Here there are pedestals, behind which children listen and answer the questions of Georgy Koldun, the host who gets along well with the young contestants. The game has 4 rounds, and in all, more than a dozen students take part in it. In the course of the competition, four contestants who scored fewer points for their answers are eliminated. In the third round, there are only four children, then a few more people are eliminated from the game, and in the end only two children fight for getting into the super-final.

By the way, a schoolchild, who did not manage to complete the game to the end, still has a chance to continue participating in the competition. After all the games are finished, the children who scored the maximum number of points will be identified. Therefore, every second or third participant will have a real opportunity to compete for the title of the smartest schoolchild in the super-final.

Questions are not taken solely from the school curriculum. Rather, they are aimed at the children's background knowledge. Participants are well versed in mathematics, literature and English – they need to know absolutely everything. In addition to the questions voiced by the host himself, the game will also include video messages from real heroes, for example, traffic police officers, librarians, or research workers.

There are quite a large number of cameras in the studio – fewer cameras are used even at the Eurovision. However, the arrangement of cameras is well thought through. Everything has been made to make the young contestants feel comfortable. So, the 11 cameras used to make the show are simply hidden from the eyes of children.

A team of fifty professionals worked on the project. These people worked for the shows I Can and the Eurovision Song Contest. The quiz show includes 33 episodes and will be televised by TV Channel Belarus 1 in a week – on 7 October. The quiz show will be aired every Saturday.