Future technologies discussed at meeting in Palace of Independence today

2 June 2020
The President was informed about the construction of the National Bio-Technology Corporation. New plants to produce animal feed and feed additives are already constructed near Minsk. This is a major investment project for the Belarusian agricultural sector. Its effective growth will be ensured by high biotechnologies, which are the basis of the work of a new corporation. The project became possible thanks to close partnership with China and the personal friendship of the leaders. The Head of the State pays close attention to the construction. 

Belarusian food is our brand. New technology will help increase competitiveness and expand export. 

The whole complex of enterprises is connected in one technological chain and the innovative facility will occupy 160 hectares in Pukhovichi District.

Alexander Bildyukevich, Deputy Director of the Belarusian National Biotechnology Corporation: “We plan to launch the entire complex of the production facilities and infrastructure facilities by next June.”

The corporation will be based on the deep processing of grain. More than three dozen special giant silos have already appeared here for storing raw materials. 

Alexander Bildyukevich, Deputy Director of the Belarusian National Biotechnology Corporation: “450 000 tons of grain can be stored here at a time. The grain will be processed in 4 plants: the production of premixes, feed for fish, pigs, poultry and cattle.” 

The technology will turn grain into amino acids, which make the animal feed balanced. The necessary quantities of amino acids will provide the necessary growth and gain and a competitive price. 

Evgeniya Borovik, Deputy Director of the Belarusian National Biotechnology Corporation: “Our main goal is not only to maximize the profit but also to reduce the cost of meat, milk and eggs.”

One of the biggest investment projects was launched in 2016. The construction began 2 years later near Minsk. The complex will consist of 14 factories 

The future bio-corporation near Minsk resembles the High-Tech Park but will contribute to the development of the biotechnology industry. It will contain the best that a global manufacturer and our Chinese partner suggested. There is no such complex in the CIS countries. 

Belarusian food does not need advertising. More than 70 countries of the world were among consumers last year. And already more than 80 countries purchase Belarusian food today. The export of both milk and meat is growing. It brings the country more than 5 billion dollars in revenue. New technologies provide for the growth in revenue, the pace of production and export geography. 

The main production center of the complex will be established next year. Belarusian and foreign preliminary orders have already been made for 80% of the products. The corporation will meet the needs of the national market and will ensure the requests of neighbors in the region. Up to 40% of products are ready for export. 

Valery Belsky, deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Belarus: “It is possible that the first stage of production of compound feeds will be launched in the near future, and next year, the second stage of production of amino acids will be launched in about 8 months. And then the corporation will implement the third phase of the project. The project will give about a billion dollars in cash revenue over the coming years.” 

The plant is expected to be loaded with grain and start its work in summer. The product line will be expanded, and new jobs will be created. The staff will grow to 700 employees by the end of the year. Many employees will be provided with accommodation.